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Apple advises against using fake or counterfeit chargers for Apple Watches

Apple has recently posted a new support document for its customers who own an Apple Watch. The document cautions users about the dangers of using chargers that are not from Apple or lack MFi certification. According to Apple, using a counterfeit or uncertified charger could result in slow charging, repeated chimes, and reduced battery lifespan.

To ensure that you’re using a legitimate Apple Watch charger, Apple has provided the following guidelines. Authentic Apple Watch chargers from the company are always white, while unauthorized chargers come in different colors. Additionally, legitimate chargers will have one of the following model numbers printed on the cable: A1570, A1598, A1647, A1714, A1768, A1923, A2055, A2056, A2086, A2255, A2256, A2257, A2458, A2515, A2652, or A2879.

To check the authenticity of your Apple Watch charger, you can use your Mac by following these steps:
– Plug in your Apple Watch charging cable to your Mac.
– Select “Apple menu” > “System Settings” > “General” in the sidebar.
– Click “About” on the right and then click on “System Report” and “USB.”
– Select the watch charger and look for the name of the manufacturer. It should say “Apple” to be authentic.

For third-party Apple Watch chargers, look for packaging that includes the “Made for Watch” badge with the Apple logo. If these badges are missing, it’s recommended to return the charger to the place of purchase.

Lastly, users can visit a specific website provided by Apple to search for and verify the certification of their Apple Watch charger or any Apple-certified accessory. If the charger is not listed, it may be time to invest in an authentic Apple Watch charger.

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