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The 2026 Apple Watch Ultra may feature a larger mini-LED display and come with a higher price tag

Phones Canada: A closer look at the potential updates for the Apple Watch Ultra in 2026

It might seem a bit early to start thinking about the 2026 Apple Watch Ultra, but it’s never too early to contemplate purchasing a new Apple device. Reports suggest that the A21 Pro chipset could power the iPhone 19 series and be produced by TSMC using a 1.4nm process node, which could follow the 2nm node.

Improving yield is crucial for Apple as it plans to use micro-LED on other devices, including the iPhone. A one-year delay could be beneficial to ensure a higher yield and subsequently lower costs.

TrendForce also predicts that in 2026, the Apple Watch Ultra could feature a larger 2.12-inch display, compared to the 1.91-inch displays on previous models. This would mark the first time Apple’s premium smartwatches have a screen size larger than 2 inches, with an 11% increase in screen real estate.

The introduction of a micro-LED display could result in a price increase for the Apple Watch Ultra in 2026. According to TrendForce, the new display could cost 2.5 to 3 times more than the current screen, potentially raising the cost to $120 per display from the $40 to $48 that Apple currently pays. This could result in an additional $72 to $80 for Apple to absorb or pass on to consumers through a price hike.

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