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Unlock the Potential of AI-Enhanced Photography with the New Galaxy S24 ProVisual Engine

Samsung has recently unveiled its latest Galaxy S24 series, and it’s getting a lot of attention, especially with its impressive photography capabilities. The highlight is not only the impressive camera setup on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which now has a 50MP 5x telephoto camera, but also the range of new photography AI features that are stealing the spotlight.

The photography features are enhanced with the introduction of the new ProVisual Engine. This new engine is designed to improve various aspects, including night photography, noise performance, zoom quality, color reproduction, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging.

The ProVisual Engine for the Galaxy S24 series is a comprehensive set of AI-powered tools that not only improve image-capturing capabilities but also enhance creative freedom throughout the entire process, from setting up a shot to sharing it on social media.

The improved Nightography capabilities of the Galaxy S24 series ensure that photos and videos taken with Space Zoom shine in any lighting condition, even when zoomed in. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, in particular, features a larger pixel size compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, now at 1.4 μm, which is 60% bigger. This improvement allows for capturing more light in dim conditions, enhancing overall low-light performance.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra tackles blur with a broader optical image stabilizer (OIS) range and improved hand-shake compensation. Video recording sees enhancements as both front and rear cameras feature a Dedicated ISP Block for noise reduction. The Galaxy S24 uses gyro information analysis to differentiate between the filmmaker’s movement and the subject’s, enabling more efficient noise removal. This results in clearer videos even in low-light conditions and from a considerable distance.

The ProVisual Engine not only helps capture the perfect shot but also simplifies the photo editing process. With the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy AI automatically suggests editing options for photos in your gallery. For example, you can eliminate reflections from the image with a single button press.

Additionally, you have the option to fill out a photo. If the photo is tilted, the AI will automatically fill in the borders. It’s also possible to move a person or object within the frame and have the background seamlessly filled in.

The Edit Suggestion feature uses Galaxy AI to recommend appropriate adjustments for each photo. This ensures transparency as a watermark will appear on the image and in the metadata whenever the Galaxy S24 uses generative AI to enhance the image, promoting transparency in the editing process.

The new Instant Slow-mo feature can generate additional frames based on movements for a smoother slowdown of fast-paced videos. SuperHDR feature now comes with an HDR preview, and there is support for HDR shooting in third-party apps like Instagram and Snapchat, as well as enhancements to the HDR gallery for a better viewing experience.
Clearly, AI takes center stage in the new photography features of the Galaxy S24 series, whether it is through on-device capabilities or cloud-based features. These smartphones are heavily infused with AI in multiple aspects.

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