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Apple in the Works of iOS 17 Update to Resolve iPhone 15 Overheating Problem

Talk of iPhone 15 Overheating Sparks Software Bug Concerns

Talk about the iPhone 15 series overheating, especially the Pro models, must have been considered a serious issue inside Apple. How do we know? Because today, Apple announced that a software bug was the culprit behind the overheating which made some iPhone units too hot for users to touch. Apple’s unusual weekend announcement said that the company is working on an update to iOS 17. The company told the AP “We have identified a few conditions which can cause iPhone to run warmer than expected.”

According to Apple, certain apps are causing iOS 17 to “overload the system.” One such app, as we told you yesterday, is Instagram. The owner of the social media app, Meta, announced earlier last week that it was making a change to the app’s software to prevent it from overheating certain iPhone models. Other updates are still in the works for the video game Asphalt 9 and rise share service Uber.

Apple also announced that the overheating has nothing to do with the new titanium chassis being used on the iPhone 15 Pro models. It also pointed out that the new USB-C port that replaced the Lightning port on all four new iPhone 15 handsets was also not to blame.

Video from iPhonedo showed an iPhone 15 Pro Max hitting 96 degrees after the Instagram app was opened

Apple didn’t mention a date when we can expect the iOS 17 update to arrive, but it did say that despite the high temperatures that the devices are reaching, there are no safety issues that should prevent a user from using a new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

While iPhone units can get hot when the processor is doing some heavy lifting, like when the user is playing a graphics-intensive video game, for example, the current issue goes well beyond those situations and some have used digital thermometers and ultraviolet imaging to determine that some iPhone 15 models are hitting temperatures in the triple digits (Fahrenheit).

Since Apple released iOS 17 on September 18th, it has already released iOS 17.0.1 to patch two security flaws, and iOS 17.0.2 was released to exterminate a bug that was freezing iPhone 15 models in the process of transferring data from an older iPhone unit.

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