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Apple’s Testing of a Third-Generation HomePod with an LCD Touchscreen Revealed by Leaked Photo

We have exclusive information about an upcoming HomePod prototype that has been leaked. Recently posted images reveal a circular touch screen LCD display being tested on top of the smart speaker. The leaked photograph, shared by an Apple prototype collector on “X,” showcases the new display in action.

The circular ring on the top of the current HomePod serves multiple purposes, including activating Siri, adjusting volume, pausing and skipping tracks, and dismissing alarms. This innovative touch screen feature could enhance the user experience and offer new functionalities.

Apple entered the smart speaker market relatively late, but their HomePod mini gained popularity due to its smaller size and more affordable price. Priced at $99, the HomePod mini offers a budget-friendly option for users. Additionally, Apple released a second full-size HomePod priced at $299.

Our sources at 9to5 Google have confirmed that the leaked prototype, known as B720, is indeed a new device currently in development by Apple. The photo shows the LcdUTest app being used internally by Apple engineers to test the display.

According to 9to5Google, the touch screen display will feature blurred animation of colors based on album cover art when playing music. It might also enable users to respond to messages and receive incoming phone call notifications. This exciting update could greatly enhance the HomePod’s functionality.

Considering the advanced-stage of the prototype, it is possible that this new HomePod will soon replace the second-generation model released earlier this year. Rumors suggest that Apple might introduce the third-generation HomePod alongside three new iPod models in March, making it an ideal time for a grand unveiling.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting development from Apple. We’ll keep you updated on any new leaks and announcements regarding the innovative HomePod prototype.

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