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Asus files a lawsuit against Samsung over alleged infringement of 4G and 5G patents

Samsung Faces Lawsuit from Asus for Patent Infringement

Many times big tech companies find themselves in legal battles over various patents. Currently, it seems that Asus and Samsung are gearing up for a showdown in the courtroom.

Asus is taking Samsung to court, accusing it of allegedly violating its wireless communication patents, specifically the ones for 4G and 5G networks. According to Bloomberg Law (via Android Headlines), Asus tried to cut a deal with Samsung for a global pass to its wireless tech. The negotiation lasted for a year and a half, beginning in January 2022. However, Samsung ultimately declined the offer presented by Asus.

According to a complaint filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Samsung stands accused of infringing upon US Patent No. 10,187,878. Asus has identified more than a hundred Samsung Galaxy smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets as allegedly utilizing technologies covered by their patents.

Among the long list are the latest Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5, Galaxy Tab S9 series, and Galaxy Watch 6, but also some earlier models like the first generation Galaxy Watch. Asus aims for a judgment in its favor, seeking remedies for Samsung’s alleged patent infringement. To settle the matter, Asus has called for a jury trial, indicating that this legal showdown could stretch out over a considerable period.

As we’ve seen in past cases dealing with patent disputes, these legal battles tend to drag on for a while. For instance, Nokia is still fighting with OnePlus and Oppo in Europe. However, Nokia did score a victory against Vivo in a similar court battle involving patents related to specific wireless communication technologies. The outcome favored Nokia and as a result, Vivo smartphones became unavailable for purchase in Germany due to the infringement issue.

Only time and, of course, the court in Texas will tell how the battle between Asus and Samsung will end, so stay tuned for more updates!

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