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CEO Pei of OnePlus shares his insights on the iPhone 15 lineup and Apple’s other devices.

Nothing CEO Carl Pei, also known as one of the co-founders of OnePlus, recently shared his thoughts on Apple’s recent product event on an official Nothing video posted on YouTube. In his comments, Pei expressed his preference for live audience events, suggesting that they add excitement and allow presenters to engage with the crowd. He highlighted the iconic unveiling of the original iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007 as an example of the impact a live audience can have on such occasions.

Moving on to the new iPhone 15 lineup, Pei focused on the transition from the Lightning port to the USB-C port, stating that it is a positive development for the tech ecosystem. However, he hopes that the European Union (EU) will take further steps to standardize the USB-C port. The EU recently passed a law requiring electronic devices in its 27 member countries to use USB-C for charging. Pei mentioned that Apple held off on adopting USB-C earlier due to the proprietary nature of the Lightning port, which acted as a barrier for iPhone users considering a switch to Android.

Pei also expressed his opinion on Apple’s anti-competitive practices, highlighting features like AirDrop that are exclusive to iPhones. He referred to publicly available emails from Apple executives discussing strategies to lock users into their ecosystem, claiming that this limits competition. Pei believes that as the world’s most valuable tech company, Apple should compete on other merits as well.

Regarding the design of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, Pei applauded their use of titanium, citing its benefits in terms of weight and durability. He acknowledged that the average user might not notice the difference between titanium, steel, or aluminum, but as a tech enthusiast, he finds it exciting.

Pei acknowledged Apple’s commitment to refining the iPhone but was less enthusiastic about the addition of the action button to replace the mute switch. While recognizing that this button is not entirely new, he speculated that Apple may have data indicating that the mute switch was not used frequently. Pei then proposed the possibility of the action button being used as a shortcut for an AI-powered Super Siri, a feature that would significantly impact the user experience.

Moving to the Apple Watch Ultra 2, Pei mentioned that many of his friends purchased the device, although he was uncertain about its overall popularity. He indicated that some individuals view it as a status symbol due to its higher price point.

While Pei commended Apple for its innovation, he expressed skepticism about their Vision Pro taking us from smartphones to wearing headsets all day. He also predicted that the spatial computer category would not receive widespread consumer attention in the near future.

In a light-hearted moment, Pei admitted that he is not a fan of smartwatches, showcasing his bare wrists on camera. Although rumors surfaced about Nothing potentially developing a smartwatch, no official confirmation or announcement has been made by the company.

That wraps up Carl Pei’s comments on Apple’s recent product event. Stay tuned for more updates from the Phones Canada team!

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