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Consumer Reports Finds iPhone 15 Pro Max Remains Unbent in Rigorous Testing

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has recently undergone durability tests conducted by Consumer Reports, and the results are impressive. The device withstood multiple drops without any cracks or damage, demonstrating its resilience compared to previous iPhone models and other flagship smartphones.

Consumer Reports also conducted a bending test on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, subjecting it to a 110-pound bending force. The phone held up well, showing no signs of bending or damage. According to Maria Rerecich, Consumer Reports’ senior director of product testing, the iPhone 15 Pro Max displayed flexibility under pressure, which returned to its original state when the force was released.

In another test, an iPhone 15 Pro Max was dropped 100 times from waist height onto a tumbler filled with rocks, simulating a fall onto concrete. After this extensive testing, the phone only had minor scratches, further demonstrating its durability.

Consumer Reports acknowledged that some online reviewers had shown videos of glass breaking in improvised drop and bending scenarios, but their own tests proved otherwise. The magazine aims to provide an accurate assessment of the phone’s durability, and its findings contradict the negative claims from these videos.

Consumer Reports is still conducting additional tests, including rain and water-resistance, camera, and battery tests, to complete its evaluation of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, it felt compelled to share its initial findings to address concerns about the phone’s strength and build quality.

The magazine also mentioned the infamous “#Bendgate” incident in 2014, where some iPhone 6 Plus models reportedly bent when placed in users’ front pockets. Consumer Reports used the same testing machine employed in 2023 to test the iPhone 15 Pro Max and found no issues or concerns, just as they did with the iPhone 6 Plus back in 2014.

In conclusion, according to Consumer Reports, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has exhibited impressive durability in their tests, withstanding multiple drops and resisting bending forces. These findings should reassure potential buyers about the phone’s solid build quality and reliability.

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