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Details of the futuristic AI pin “no-screen smartphone” device surface, including the $699 price and subscription.

Humane has been building excitement for its groundbreaking device, the AI Pin, with the aim of replacing your traditional smartphone. The much-anticipated launch is set for November 9, and just ahead of this unveiling, The Verge has managed to uncover more details about this innovative device.

Positioning itself as a pioneer in a post-smartphone world, Humane is gearing up to release a wearable smartphone called the AI Pin, priced at $699. This unique device, sans a conventional screen, comes with a $24-a-month subscription fee. Operating on a Humane-branded version of T-Mobile’s network, it offers access to AI models from tech giants Microsoft and OpenAI.

The Pin is a square-shaped device that securely clips onto your clothes or other surfaces through a magnetic mechanism. Beyond its magnetic function, the clip also doubles as a battery pack, allowing users to swap in new batteries throughout the day to keep the Pin operational.

The Pin runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and utilizes a combination of camera, depth, and motion sensors to track and record its surroundings. It features a built-in speaker referred to as a “personic speaker” and can connect to headphones via Bluetooth.

In the absence of a traditional screen, Humane has introduced novel ways to interact with the Pin. Primarily voice-based, the device also incorporates a green laser projector, projecting information onto your hand. Gesture interactions are facilitated by a touchpad. The Pin is not continuously recording or listening; manual activation is required, indicated by a “Trust Light” that blinks when recording.

The documents obtained by The Verge emphasize Humane’s ambition for the Pin to stand as a fully standalone device, not just an accessory to your smartphone. The $699 purchase includes the Pin, a charger, and two battery boosters.

However, there is also a $24 monthly fee for a Humane Subscription. This subscription includes a phone number, cell data on Humane’s wireless service (running on T-Mobile’s network), cloud storage for photos and videos, and the ability to make unlimited queries of AI models.

Operating on an operating system named Cosmos, the Pin transcends the traditional app-centric approach. Humane envisions a seamless system that can invoke various AIs and tools as needed. The Pin boasts features like generating messages in your voice, summarizing your email inbox, language translation, and identifying food for nutritional information.

There is also support for Tidal music streaming, which includes an “AI DJ” that selects music based on your context. Additionally, the Pin promises AI-centric photography features, likely to be revealed during the official launch.

To manage the device, Humane offers a tool called, where users can set up and customize their Pin before using it.

Humane, founded by ex-Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno in 2018, has been a mysterious player in the AI landscape. However, with the impending launch of the AI Pin, the company is stepping into the spotlight, finally unveiling its innovative work.

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