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Apple has just unveiled some exciting updates for iPad users with the upcoming iPadOS 18. This new operating system not only brings in features from iOS 18 but also introduces new Apple Intelligence capabilities. One of the most anticipated additions is the Calculator app for iPads – finally! It’s been a long time coming, but better late than never, right?

Here are some key features of iPadOS 18 and the iPads that will be compatible with it:

– Improved multitasking capabilities to enhance productivity on your iPad.
– New Apple Intelligence features for a smarter and more personalized experience.
– Enhanced security and privacy settings to keep your data safe.
– Updated apps and widgets for a more seamless user experience.
– And of course, the long-awaited Calculator app for easy calculations on your iPad.

Excited about these new features? Stay tuned for the official release of iPadOS 18 to make the most out of your iPad experience.

In other news, Apple also gave us a sneak peek into iOS 18 at WWDC. This upcoming update is set to launch this fall alongside new iPhones. Developers can already get their hands on the iOS 18 beta to explore its new features and functionalities.

With iOS 18, you can customize your iPhone like never before, stay connected with loved ones effortlessly, and relive your favorite moments with ease. The integration of Apple Intelligence will further enhance your user experience by providing personalized recommendations and insights.

Ready to dive into the world of iOS 18? Keep an eye out for its official release and get ready to explore all the exciting updates it has in store for you.

Lastly, Apple enthusiasts in Canada can now get their hands on the highly anticipated Vision Pro headset. With pre-orders starting on June 28 and the official launch on July 12, Canadians can finally experience this cutting-edge technology firsthand.

The Vision Pro headset comes with a hefty price tag starting at $4,999 in Canada. But if you want all the bells and whistles, be prepared to shell out nearly $7,300 for the maxed-out version. Despite the cost, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting this innovative product’s arrival in Canada.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments from Apple as they continue to push boundaries in technology innovation. Phone Canada will keep you informed every step of the way!

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