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Enhanced Gemini Android Update Boosts Google Maps Navigation Experience for Phones Canada Users

Google’s experimental AI assistant, Gemini, continues to improve with each update. The latest version of the Gemini app on the Google Play Store introduces new navigation capabilities, making it even more convenient for users.

In the recent Play Store update on March 25th, Gemini’s app was upgraded to version 1.0.618909562. The key highlight of this update is the integration of Google Maps for navigation. Now, when you ask for directions using Gemini, the app will automatically initiate navigation with Google Maps.

Previously, this feature required assistance from the Google Assistant. But now, with a simple command like “Navigate to xxxx,” Gemini quickly displays a summary of your route and seamlessly transitions you to Google Maps with your route ready to go within seconds.

Additionally, this version of Gemini includes other updates like setting reminders or calendar events through voice commands. While these functionalities have been available on Google Assistant for years, it’s commendable that Gemini is catching up. Just remember to enable the “Workspace” extension in your Gemini settings for full access.

Gemini may still have room to grow compared to Google Assistant, but its consistent updates show promise. The web and mobile versions are receiving regular enhancements that contribute to its overall improvement. Although it may not entirely replace a digital assistant on smartphones yet, it’s evident that Gemini is heading towards becoming a robust AI companion in the near future.

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