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Everything you need to know about battery and charging in the Galaxy S24 series

There are roughly three months remaining to the rumored introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series. The successors to the Galaxy S23 won’t be redefining the winning formula that has defined the top Galaxy range for a few years now, but will be introducing surgically implemented changes that will be perfecting the recipe.
How would the lack of any major changes reflect the battery sizes of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24? While you may be too quick to jump to conclusions and assume batteries and charging wouldn’t get too much in terms of upgrades and improvements, the rumor mill actually believes we might see some beneficial changes to the lineup.
Read more to find out about the Galaxy S24 series battery situation.

Galaxy S24 series charging summary

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

  • Battery size: 5,000mAh
  • Charging speed: 45W
The battery of the largest Galaxy S24 Ultra won’t deviate much from its predecessors and will most likely stay at the 5,000mAh capacity that has become a standard for large Android phones lately. Samsung has been using 5,000mAh batteries on all of its Ultra phones since the very first one (the Galaxy S20 Ultra). Is it time for a change? Even if it feels so, consider this: a 5,000mAh battery is still enough to deliver outstanding battery life when paired with the right components. What’s more, Samsung doesn’t have much spare space inside the phone for a larger battery, so we are most certainly “stuck” with that 5,000mAh battery for the time being.

When it comes to charging, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will most likely support 45W wired charging, similar to its predecessor. While not terribly fast, this one usually allows the phone to fully juice up in around an hour or so.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

  • Battery size: 4,900mAh
  • Charging speed: 45W
The Galaxy S24 Plus is rumored to be scoring a slight but notable battery bump to 4,900mAh, pushing it dangerously close to the 5,000mAh battery inside the larger Galaxy S24 Ultra. At the same time, the Galaxy S23 Plus came with a 4,700mAh, while the Galaxy S22 Plus before it boasted a 4,500mAh battery, so we are definitely seeing some gradual yearly improvements here. All of these with the end goal of better battery life, which is great.
Charging-wise, we should see the Galaxy S24 Plus match the Galaxy S24 Ultra and offer 45W charging. Slow in comparison with the top phones from China, but probably good enough for everyday use.

Samsung Galaxy S24

  • Battery size: 4,000mAh
  • Charging speed: 25W

Finally, the most compact upcoming Galaxy will reportedly rely on a 4,000mAh battery, a very slight 100mAh boost in comparison with the Galaxy S23’s 3,900mAh battery. Such a small increase in battery size wouldn’t be enough to justify a significant increase to the battery life in the grand scheme of things, but it’s reassuring to see Samsung.

Unlike the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24 Plus, the Galaxy S24 could come with 25W wired charging, which would extend the charging speeds by a lot, especially at a lower battery percentage. Of course, in a perfect world, Samsung would introduce 45W wired charging to the most compact Galaxy as well, but it’s doubtful that this will happen; the rumor mill isn’t receptive of this idea either.

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