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Exciting Update: Android 15 Introduces Hybrid Taskbar for Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold

Android 12L made a big splash in early 2022, showing some love to larger screens like tablets. One of the major changes was the introduction of a taskbar, bringing quick app switching and multitasking to these devices. While the initial taskbar design was a bit clunky, Android 13 QPR2 came along last year with a revamped version that was much more user-friendly.

The new taskbar design featured a pill-shaped bar that could be easily accessed with a quick swipe and would disappear after a few seconds. This updated design debuted on Google’s Pixel Tablet and Fold before making its way to other big-screen devices with Android 14.

One of the key advantages of the new taskbar is its flexibility. While heavy multitaskers may find it slightly less convenient than the old persistent taskbar, Google has addressed this concern by introducing a toggle option in Android 15 Developer Preview 2. Users can now choose between the classic always-visible taskbar or the floating style based on their preferences.

This development is an exciting glimpse into what Android 15 has in store for users. The potential for increased customization and personalization is promising, paving the way for a more user-centric experience on Android devices. It will be interesting to see how this feature evolves in future updates and how other OEMs adapt to these changes to benefit Android users worldwide.

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