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Exclusive Year-End Gift for Selected T-Mobile Customers

What’s the best that a carrier company can do for its customers? Give them a free line? Well, that might be what T-Mobile is about to do if a new report from The Mobile Report is to be believed.

According to an internal document seen by the outlet, starting from today, the uncarrier will start showering some customers with a free line.

Per the report, some lucky customers that T-Mobile will target on a predetermined basis will be able to add a new line to their account free of charge. There will apparently be no prerequisites or conditions. The amount will be credited back as monthly bill credit for as long as a selected customer maintains eligibility.

And while T-Mobile is feeling generous, it’s not going all out. The line is Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) only, so don’t expect this offer to finance your next phone.

It’s not clear which customers are eligible for the offer and The Mobile Report believes that the best way to find out is to reach out to the carrier and ask directly or visit one of their stores. If the support representative appears clueless, ask them to go through the internal document “OR18818.”

The use of the words “targeted customers” implies that free lines won’t be doled out randomly. The publication speculates that customers who already have free lines might not be eligible.

Support representatives will determine if you are eligible by checking your account’s segment’s page. If the there’s no segment or your account says “BYOD Line Discount ID230289 – Inactive,” you will not be eligible.

Should that happen to be the case, first of all, our condolences, and second of all, this is not something that’s in the hands of store staff so pleading with them would do you no good.

It’s not known when the deal will expire but it will likely not last forever.

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