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Expanded Rollout of Conversation Detection and Hearing Wellness Features for Pixel Buds Pro

Last week during the Made by Google event, a number of upcoming new features were announced for the Pixel Buds Pro. These were shared in a blog post where new and existing features were bundled along with the unveiling of two new colors.

Google promised that three new features would be coming to all Pixel Buds “this fall”: Conversation Detection, Low-Latency Gaming Mode, and a Pixel Buds App for Chromebooks. In the update that is currently rolling out, firmware version 5.9, Google is introducing Conversation Detection.

As stated by Google, Conversation Detection can automatically detect when you start speaking and pause your music and switch to Transparency mode. When the conversation ends, your music resumes and Active Noise Cancellation is turned back on.

Reports began appearing throughout Reddit over the weekend of Pixel Buds users already receiving the 5.9 update. However, today reports seem to have ramped up, indicating that the feature is now rolling out more widely.

I happened to receive the update myself today and grabbed some screenshots of the splash screen that appears right after the update is completed. Check them out below:

There was one other feature that made its way to this firmware version: Hearing Wellness. This feature can be found within the Pixel Buds app and helps users understand and improve listening habits to protect hearing health.

The app tracks listening volume and duration, and provides personalized recommendations on how to listen more safely. For example, it may notify you if you’re listening at a high volume for too long, or suggest taking breaks.

If you have yet to receive this update on your Pixel Buds Pro or the update gets interrupted before it’s completed, there are some things you can try, such as updating them in the case while the lid is open. Also, keep in mind that after the update goes through, the version listed for the Left and Right earbuds might not match the version listed for the buds case. This is because it takes longer for the case to receive the update, but should update eventually.

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