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Google App may relocate search bar to bottom for easier access on Android devices

Loads of Android smartphones globally (China’s the exception) come pre-loaded with Google apps, and one of the mainstays is the Google App. Now, there’s buzz that Google’s considering some tweaks to amp up the search experience on Android smartphones.

As per TheSpAndroid (via Android Authority), the latest update, version, of the Google app features a notable change—the relocation of the search bar to the bottom, just above the bottom navigation tabs. This change applies to both the main search bar and the search bar visible in the search results.

Now, it might seem like a small tweak, but sliding that search bar down low is a game-changer. Why? Well, it makes tapping it easier on any phone, big or small. And let’s be honest, phones have been getting bigger these past years. Take the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, for instance, rocking a massive 6.8-inch display. Reaching the top of that screen with one hand? Not the easiest. Dropping the search bar to the bottom means quick searches with just a thumb, no matter your hand size or grip. This tweak aims to ease the strain on fingers and ensure a secure grip on the phone.

Oh, and here is an interesting tidbit: Google Chrome on iOS sticks with a bottom URL bar, while on Android, it is on the top. While this search bar move is happening in the Google App for now, there is hope it makes its way to Chrome for Android, too.

The precise release date for this alteration is uncertain, pending Google’s approval. As of now, the feature is open to beta testers, signaling continued testing before a potential broader rollout.

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