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Google Calendar will discontinue support for devices using Android Nougat 7.1 and earlier versions soon

Google Calendar is a popular app used by millions of people to manage their everyday lives, allowing users to create events, schedule meetings, and set reminders. However, if you are still using an older Android device running Nougat 7.1 or below, your days of using this app are numbered.

A new flag was discovered in the newest version of the Google Calendar app (v 2023.46.0-581792699-release) called “UnsupportedOperatingSystem__enabled,” which is used to display a message to users running an unsupported operating system. The message within this flag informs users that they need to update their device to Android Oreo (8.0) or higher to continue using Google Calendar.

The reason for dropping support for older Android versions is likely due to security concerns, as older versions are more vulnerable to hacks and data loss. Additionally, newer versions of Android offer new features and improvements that are not available on older versions. As a result, Google is encouraging users to update their devices to the latest version of Android.

Google also announced a similar change for Chrome on desktop and Android, stating that Chrome version 119 on Android would be the last version supported on devices running Nougat and lower. Chrome 120 on Android no longer supports Android Nougat.

Although Google has not made an official announcement about dropping support for Android Nougat for Google Calendar, the evidence found in the flags suggests that this change is imminent. Users with older devices should start planning to update their devices to newer versions of Android.

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