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Google Chat now supports message bubbles on iPhones

Google Chat is getting a visual upgrade with the introduction of message bubbles on iOS devices. This feature, makes it easier to differentiate between incoming and outgoing messages, leading to a more streamlined and intuitive messaging experience.

With message bubbles now available on iOS, users will see each incoming message displayed in a standalone bubble aligned to one side of the chat window, with a solid color background. Outgoing messages, on the other hand, will appear in their own distinct bubble on the opposite side, using a different color background. This visual separation ensures clear and effortless differentiation between messages, enhancing the overall chat experience.

Message bubbles in Google Chat on iOS | Image Source – Google Workspace Blog

Message bubbles not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of Google Chat but also promote improved message comprehension and reduced confusion. By clearly distinguishing between incoming and outgoing messages, users can effortlessly follow conversations and quickly identify their own contributions. This feature proves particularly beneficial for group chats, where multiple participants are actively engaging.

The rollout of message bubbles to iOS devices will be automatic, requiring no action from admins or end users. The update will begin to show up for users today and will gradually roll out over the coming weeks — up to two weeks to be exact — ensuring a seamless transition for all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts.

Message bubbles in Google Chat are one way in which Google is expanding its app features that were previously only present on the Android and web apps, to iPhone. For example, just today Google also brought its revamped Google Drive scanner and title suggestion capabilities to iOS as well. This expansion to iOS devices further solidifies Google’s commitment to providing a user-friendly and intuitive messaging experience across all platforms.

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