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Google Confirms: OG Pixel Watch to Receive Wear OS 4 and Android Updates Anytime

Google has announced that the original Pixel Watch, which was released in 2022 alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, will be receiving an update to Wear OS 4 later this year. This update comes after the device initially launched with Wear OS 3. It’s worth noting that the new Pixel Watch 2, revealed at the recent Made by Google event, already comes pre-installed with Wear OS 4.

One exciting feature of Wear OS 4 is the ability for Pixel Watch users to pair their watch with another phone without having to wipe the data on the timepiece through a factory reset. This is great news for users who may want to switch devices without losing their data.

Furthermore, developers should be aware that Wear OS 4 is based on Android 13, which is a couple of versions ahead of the Android 11 build used on Wear OS 3. This means that app developers need to ensure their apps are ready to handle any system behavior changes that may occur in Android 12 and Android 13.

In addition, Google has decided to do away with the tradition of releasing Android updates on the first Monday of the month. This change comes as a result of too many updates being delayed in the past year, including Android 14, which was originally expected in August. Moving away from a fixed release date allows Google to focus on delivering updates that have undergone thorough testing, ensuring a higher quality experience for all Pixel customers.

Overall, these updates and changes from Google demonstrate a commitment to improving the user experience and providing more flexibility in terms of software updates for Pixel Watch users.


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