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Google Keep brings enhanced text formatting support to older notes on Android

Google Keep, the popular note-taking app for Android, has finally added rich text formatting options to older, existing notes. Previously, these formatting options were only available for new notes created after the August update. However, in a recent server-side update, the formatting options are now beginning to appear in older notes as well.

To access the formatting options, simply tap on the A icon on the left side of the toolbar above your keyboard. Unfortunately, this update currently only applies to the Android app and not the web version of Google Keep. This means that text formatting options are still limited to the Android app and cannot be utilized on any other platform.

However, there is a workaround for this limitation. Users can add the desired formatting in a word processing application, such as Google Docs, and then copy and paste the text into Google Keep. This will preserve the formatting, although it may be slightly inconvenient to have to use an external application for such basic functionality. Hopefully, Google will address this issue in the near future.

Despite this limitation, the addition of text formatting options is a welcome update for Google Keep users. This feature allows for visually appealing and easier-to-read notes, as well as the ability to emphasize important information or create different sections within a note.

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