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Brazilian Stores Display Galaxy S24 Ultra on Official Posters Without Permission

Com O Poder do Galaxy IAThose of you who are not fluent in Portuguese, or can’t be bothered to open Google Translator, will be thrilled to know what Samsung’s latest slogan is like in English:

With the Power of Galaxy AI

You’ve seen how the AI acronym has its letters mixed in Portuguese, right? That’s because over there they say “Inteligência Artificial”, instead of “Artificial Intelligence”. The more you learn…

Why are we talking about the Portuguese language?

Because there’s a new poster for an unreleased phone that no one should be looking at. That same poster has the magic Com O Poder do Galaxy IA / With the Power of Galaxy AI words on it, and something else: it shows part of the Galaxy S24 Ultra in an official poster. Samsung’s latest maxed-out flagship should be presented on January 17, but the leaks are out of control at this point and some Brazil stores are beyond the point of no return, displaying the forbidden posters (via SamMobile).

Several retail stores in Brazil seem to have started displaying the Galaxy S24 Ultra in posters and one was captured and posted on X (via @sondesix), and it clearly shows the design, cameras, S Pen, and the term “Galaxy AI”. The image shows off the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the Titanium Gray color option, the phone’s quad-camera setup, accompanied by its laser autofocus unit. As per the poster, there are two microphones on the top of the phone.

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