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What’s New in iOS 17.3: A Roundup of the Latest Features and Enhancements

Apple has released the first iOS 17.3 beta, following the launch of iOS 17.2. It’s still unclear whether iOS 17.3 will be a major or minor update, but the new features certainly make it an intriguing update.
As for the release date, it’s hard to give a specific one, but based on expectations, iOS 17.3 could be released in late January or early February.
However, Apple has pulled the latest iOS 17.3 beta 2 due to an issue that causes iPhones with the Back Tap feature enabled to get stuck in a bootloop. Users experiencing this problem can roll back to a previous iOS version like iOS 17.3 beta 1 or iOS 17.2.1, provided they have a recent backup available.
The new features in iOS 17.3 include Stolen Device Protection, which adds layers of protection to make it harder for unauthorized users to change essential security settings. It requires biometric authentication when attempting to change the iCloud password, turn off Lost Mode, or erase an iPhone from an unfamiliar location.
Another feature is collaborative playlists on Apple Music, which allows multiple people to edit public Apple Music playlists. This feature was initially missing from the official iOS 17.2 release but is expected to be included in the upcoming iOS 17.3 release.

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