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Google Pixel’s new “Repair Mode” to ensure your privacy when sending it in for service

As previously reported, the long-awaited “Repair Mode” is finally rolling out on select Pixel devices as part of the December Feature Drop, offering peace of mind when you need to send your phone in for repairs. This new feature allows you to safely store your data away while still allowing technicians to access the device for diagnostics and repairs.

Similar to Samsung’s “Maintenance Mode,” “Repair Mode” on Pixel devices creates a secure, temporary environment that protects your personal information. When activated, it encrypts your user data and creates a separate, limited profile for the technician. This allows them to access the system and perform necessary tests without jeopardizing your privacy.

“Repair Mode” can be accessed by going to Settings > Repair Mode, then tapping on “Enter Repair Mode.” At that point, your Pixel should request authentication, then restart and boot up into this special mode after a few minutes. Keep in mind that you will need to have at least 2GB of storage available on your device and a lock screen code (PIN, password, or pattern).

Android expert, Mishaal Rahman, shared a first look of the feature in action. In his video, he demonstrates that engaging “Repair Mode” doesn’t actually wipe your device, but rather simulates a factory reset.

Video Thumbnail

Unfortunately, as reported by 9to5Google, not all Pixel devices will support the “Repair Mode” feature. Currently on the list are only the Pixel 6 and newer devices, leaving older devices like the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 out. Additionally, the Pixel 6a, although not on the official list of supported devices, appear to have the feature available as reported by some users. The Pixel Tablet and Pixel 5a are also excluded from the list at the moment.

The arrival of “Repair Mode” marks a significant step forward for Pixel device security and user privacy. With this feature, you can be confident that your data remains protected even when your phone is out of your hands and on your next repair visit.

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