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Is the Galaxy S25 camera staying the same? Rumors suggest image sensor will not be updated for S25 and S25 Plus

Rumors have been circulating about the possibility of Samsung switching to Sony sensors for the upcoming Galaxy S25 and S25 Plus smartphones. However, a recent report suggests that Samsung may stick with its own ISOCELL GN3 sensor after all.

Serial tipster Revegnus has reported that Samsung is likely to use the ISOCELL GN3 sensor in the Galaxy S25 and S25 Plus. This sensor is currently used in the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus, and is expected to be used in the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus as well.

The ISOCELL GN3 sensor, part of Samsung’s latest generation of ISOCELL sensors, was announced in 2022. It uses Tetrapixel technology to improve low-light sensitivity and reduce noise, and can record high-resolution video at various frame rates.

While Sony sensors are known for their superior image quality, faster readout speeds, and wider dynamic range, Samsung’s decision to stick with the GN3 sensor may mean relying on software and chipset enhancements for improvements in image quality.

Samsung has hinted at plans to introduce its own AI revolution with the upcoming One UI 6.1 and the Galaxy S24 series, which could lead to significant improvements in image quality, even if the company sticks with the ISOCELL GN3 sensor for the Galaxy S25 and S25 Plus.

While it’s too early to say for sure what Samsung will ultimately decide, based on the current information, it seems likely that the ISOCELL GN3 will continue to be a part of Samsung’s flagship smartphones for the foreseeable future.

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