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Google Podcasts App Closing Soon: Seamless Migration Recommended for Users!

We previously mentioned that Google was planning to shut down its Podcast app in April 2024, and it looks like the time has come. According to Forbes, the Google Podcast app will officially be discontinued on April 2nd. This decision may come as a surprise to many, especially since the app reached 500 million downloads just a year ago.

After April 2nd, users in the U.S. who have subscriptions to podcasts on the Google Podcast app will need to find an alternative platform. Moving subscriptions may not be a straightforward process and could potentially expose users to security risks. In-app notifications have been sent out to remind users about the shutdown and urge them to make necessary arrangements.

One option for those looking to continue listening to their favorite podcasts is transitioning to the YouTube Music app. Google claims that YouTube Music offers a better overall experience for both fans and podcasters with unique features like community interaction, content discovery, and audio/visual capabilities.

To transfer your Google Podcast subscriptions to YouTube Music, follow these steps:
– Visit the Google Podcasts app
– Select Export subscriptions at the top of the screen
– Choose Export under ‘Export to YouTube Music’
– Tap Transfer on the YouTube Music app
– Click Continue
– Access your subscriptions in the Library once the transfer is complete

Keep in mind:
– Allow a few minutes for your subscriptions to transfer
– Some podcasts may not be available on YouTube Music, showing a “Content is unavailable” message
– If a podcast is missing, you can save it using the show’s RSS feed link

While Google Podcast will no longer be available after April 2nd, users have until July 2024 to migrate their subscriptions to YouTube Music. Make sure to complete this transition before the deadline approaches!

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