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Google Streamlines ‘At a Glance’ Settings for Pixel Users

Google’s Pixel phones are renowned for their unique features that elevate the user experience and offer valuable information at a glance. In particular, the “At a Glance” widget, which conveniently displays important information like weather updates, calendar events, reminders, and more right on your home screen, lock screen, or Always-On Display (AOD). Until recently, it was not very intuitive to customize At a Glance, as the settings were scattered across different menus in the Android System Intelligence and the Google app. Because of this, users faced challenges in locating and customizing their desired options.

Fortunately, Google has taken steps to resolve this problem by bringing together all the At a Glance settings into a single location. Users of Pixel devices can now easily access the unified settings page through a simple long-press on the At a Glance widget and selecting Customize. Alternatively, they can navigate to the Assistant settings section within the Google app.

Users now have the option to effortlessly enable or disable the At a Glance feature, as well as customize which elements they prefer to have displayed on their screens. Users also have the ability to customize their preferences for how At a Glance utilizes their Google account data, integrates with other services, and displays location-based content. The rollout of the new simplified At a Glance settings ensures that Pixel users can now easily access the information they need without the hassle of searching for the right toggle. When you catch a glimpse of your Pixel screen and spot a well-timed package delivery alert, it’s worth noting that it’s not just a stroke of luck. Behind the scenes, a unified settings page is working its magic to make it happen.

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