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Google’s Removal of Homescreen App Icon Notification Feature Sparks Complaints from Android Users

In the past, Android users could long-press an app icon on their homescreen to quickly see a notification from the app. However, with the latest Android 14 update, this feature is no longer available. Instead, long-pressing on an app icon will show app shortcuts, App info, Pause app, and Widgets.

This change has led to a lot of complaints from Android users who found the feature to be useful and intuitive. Unfortunately, a Googler has confirmed that this change is intentional and not a bug that can be reversed with a software update.

As a result, unless Google has a change of heart, Android users will have to get used to the fact that long-pressing an app icon on the homescreen will no longer show notifications.

Source: Phonearena – Android users complain after Google removes popular homescreen app icon notification feature

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