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AirTag helps woman recover lost items from Jamaica after they went missing on a Canadian domestic flight

Who do you call when you’re on a domestic flight in Canada, but your suitcase ends up in Jamaica? Well, not the Ghostbusters, although a detour of that kind is borderline paranormal activity.

Maybe you’d reach out to the airline that lost your suitcase in the first place. Maybe – but then again, you might clash with some stubborn employees that turn down your claims.

Well, that leaves you with Apple as a last resort – and the AirTag proves once again that when the balloon goes up, it saves the day.

That’s what Lorraine Pedersen can say, and the story she told Business Insider confirms it.

Lorraine was traveling from Toronto to Winnipeg at the end of October on a WestJet flight. Upon arrival, her suitcase was nowhere to be found – an extremely unpleasant experience, even more so given the fact that Lorraine was on a business trip. “All my clothes were gone”, she says.

She was mindful enough to have put an AirTag tracker on her suitcase. That’s how she knew her luggage was in Kingston, Jamaica. She immediately notified WestJet of her belongings’ detour, but they contested that information and said it wasn’t in Jamaica as there were no flights from Toronto to Kingston that day.

“They kept saying it wasn’t their fault, they didn’t get it there because they didn’t fly in,” Pedersen continues her story.

As no one there believed her, she took matters into her own hands and contacted Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston and found her bag had gone on a Swoop flight instead (Swoop is a subsidiary of WestJet).

Pedersen said her bag was stuck in Jamaica for two weeks as Westjet rejected her request to transport it to Toronto, where she lives. Later, when she got it back, she found that her luggage appeared to have been broken into. Several of her belongings were missing.

“I was very hurt to know that my bag was rummaged through and stuff was stolen while it was in Jamaica,” Pedersen shared.

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