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Samsung to Begin Mass Production of LPDDR5T RAM Chips in 2024, the Fastest DRAM to Date

Samsung is gearing up to mass produce LPDDR5T DRAM chips in 2024, which are said to be the fastest DRAM yet. This news comes after the announcement of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor by Micron and SK Hynix earlier this year.

Samsung is considered a leader in the DRAM chip segment and is typically the first to introduce products based on new DRAM standards. However, it was caught off-guard when its competitors announced their LPDDR5T DRAM chips.

According to a recent report, Samsung plans to mass produce large quantities of LPDDR5T DRAM chips in 2024, as revealed during the company’s investor forum in Hong Kong. Samsung Electronics Vice President Ha-Ryong Yoon discussed the company’s future plans and technologies, including the LPDDR5T DRAM.

While Samsung is a global leader in DRAM, SK Hynix has gained attention for its preemptive mass production of LPDDR5T DRAM. Some Chinese smartphone firms have already decided to use this technology in their new flagship smartphones, including Vivo with its Vivo X100 Pro flagship.

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