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Google’s VP asserts that low-cost pixels are not on the horizon

Google recently announced its latest lineup of devices, including the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Watch 2, and a new AI-powered Assistant with Bard. While AI integration is a key feature across the Pixel phones, the Pixel 8 Pro specifically targets the high-end smartphone market with its premium features, improved camera, and robust chip. However, many people are wondering if there will be a more affordable option available.

In an interview with Austrian newspaper “Der Standart,” Google’s Vice President of Mobile Business, Nanda Ramachandran, addressed this question. Ramachandran confirmed that there are no plans for a Pixel priced around 200 euros ($200). According to him, creating such a budget-friendly device would require too many compromises and would not meet Google’s high-quality standards.

Ramachandran stated, “It’s pretty unlikely we’ll go in that direction.” He emphasized that the essence of a Pixel device lies not only in its camera and security features but also in its smart capabilities driven by artificial intelligence. Maintaining the integrity of all these elements at a high standard is simply not achievable with a device priced around $200.

Regarding the price increase of the Pixel 8 compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 7, which was approximately $100 cheaper upon release, Ramachandran explained the reasons behind it. He highlighted the improved displays, new cameras, powerful chip, and the substantial investment in providing seven years of software updates.

While a $200 Pixel is not part of Google’s immediate plans, there have been speculations about a mid-range model called the Pixel 8a. Google released the mid-range Pixel 7a during their 2023 I/O event in May. Considering their release patterns (the Pixel 6a was also released in May), we might see the Pixel 8a next year in May. Whether it will be priced higher than its predecessor is uncertain, but given the upward trend in the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro pricing, it is a possibility to consider.

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