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Here’s What’s New in Roku’s Upcoming Major OS Update

Roku, the number one TV streaming platform in the United States, has recently announced several new features that will be included in their upcoming OS update, Roku 12.5. This update aims to enhance the user experience and provide more personalized content discovery.

One of the exciting additions is the integration with Google Photos. Users will now be able to set albums from Google Photos as screensavers on their Roku devices. By linking their accounts and albums, they can easily access the Roku Photo Streams through the Roku Mobile app or directly on their Roku device.

Roku Voice is also getting some improvements. Users will have the convenience of using Roku Voice to enter information such as usernames, passwords, and PIN numbers when signing in to streaming channels. Additionally, Roku Voice can now be used to enter credit card information within Roku Pay.

Another notable feature is the access to expert picture settings for 4K devices. This allows users with Roku 4K devices to customize picture settings, such as color temperature, color space, gamma correction, and noise reduction direction, while streaming on Roku. These settings were previously only available through the Roku Mobile app but will now be accessible on the TV as well.

The Live TV Channel Guide on The Roku Channel is also receiving upgrades. With Roku 12.5, the order of channels in categories like News, Sports, Movies, Entertainment, Kids, Crime, and Music will be personalized according to the user’s genre preferences. Additionally, there will be visual changes, where channel logos will be displayed in the Live TV Channel Guide. However, Roku TV model owners with an antenna connected will still see numbers and logos for OTA channels.

In terms of sports experiences, users can now favorite teams and watch sports highlights. By selecting the “favorite” option for a sports team or game, users will receive a curated row of live games with their favorite teams within the Roku Sports Zone. Additionally, Roku will expand its sports offering to include motorsports in early 2024.

The music playlist experience will also be enhanced with Roku 12.5. Users will have access to a new details page for playlists, allowing for easier shuffling, skipping ahead, and adding favorite playlists to a Save List.

Although the Roku 12.5 update is not available for download yet, it will be supported by various Roku streaming players and Streambars. Additionally, all Roku TV models are expected to receive the update.

These new features and enhancements demonstrate Roku’s commitment to providing a seamless and personalized streaming experience for its users. Stay tuned for the Roku 12.5 update in the coming weeks.

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