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Huawei’s First 5G Phone Experiences Robust Demand in Nearly Three Years

New Batch of Mate 60 Pro Handsets Heading to Vmall

According to reports, the highly-anticipated Mate 60 Pro from Huawei was recently made available for purchase from various online and physical outlets. Initially listed on Huawei’s e-commerce site Vmall and its flagship store in Shenzhen, the phone quickly sold out on Vmall,, and Taobao. Another shipment of the Mate 60 Pro is expected to arrive at Vmall on Monday evening.

Analysts are predicting that the Mate 60 Pro will exceed the sales of its predecessor, the Mate 50 series. Ivan Lam, a senior analyst with Counterpoint Research, stated that as long as Huawei can maintain a smooth supply of phones, sales should surpass the previous version. Considering that last year’s series sold between 7 and 9 million units, it is expected that the Mate 60 Pro will achieve sales of at least 7 million units.

The Mate 60 Pro boasts the Kirin 9000s chipset, which supports 5G and enables satellite calls in areas without cellular connectivity. It is worth noting that the Kirin 9000s was reportedly manufactured by SMIC, China’s leading foundry, using existing equipment that complies with U.S. export rules. This is significant because these rules restrict Huawei from obtaining cutting-edge chips produced by foundries that use American equipment. In the past, Huawei’s flagship models were unable to access 5G signals due to Qualcomm chips that were not compatible. However, if SMIC can produce 5G chips for Huawei, it would be a remarkable development.

Huawei aims to build a stockpile of at least 15 million Mate 60 series handsets. Analysts suggest that additional orders could be placed if there is sustained consumer interest. Prior to the Mate 60 Pro’s launch, Huawei had already regained its position as one of the top five smartphone shippers in China, having shipped 14.3 million handsets in the first half of this year.

Although the Kirin 9000s chipset is not on par with the advanced technology produced by TSMC and Samsung Foundry, it still offers competitive capabilities. Analysts predict that Huawei will become extremely competitive in the premium segment of the market this year, despite external restrictions. These predictions have prompted discussions in Washington regarding the possibility of further tightening restrictions on Huawei.

Looking back on Huawei’s track record, it is evident that the company has consistently demonstrated its ability to innovate. Even when facing setbacks, Huawei has come out on top. Therefore, it would be unwise to underestimate Huawei’s potential for smartphone innovation.

In summary, the Mate 60 Pro is generating significant demand and is expected to achieve impressive sales figures. Huawei’s advancements in technology and supply chain management have fueled this success, and the company continues to adapt to external restrictions.

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