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Introducing the Amazfit Helio Ring: The Brand’s Entry into the Smart Ring Market

Wearables are taking center stage in our mobile experience, and 2024 appears to be the year of smart rings. Samsung is anticipated to unveil its first-ever Galaxy Ring, and Oura, the well-known smart ring manufacturer, might introduce the fourth generation of its Oura Ring. Adding to the excitement, Amazfit surprised everyone at CES 2024 with the announcement of its own smart ring—the Helio Ring. Amazfit’s Helio Ring, showcased at CES, is crafted from titanium alloy, weighs less than 4g, and boasts a super-slim profile at 2.6mm (similar to the Oura Ring dimensions). Designed for “optimum athletic performance,” the Helio Ring is intended to be worn throughout the day. You can only get it in size 10 or 12, and you can personalize it with a special date or an encouraging message to boost your motivation.

It can seamlessly complement your existing Amazfit smartwatches, syncing data across both products in the Zepp app, or function independently. Notably, with a robust 10ATM water resistance, the Helio Ring can withstand depths of up to 100 meters.

The Helio Ring, similar to its smart ring counterparts, provides a range of features encompassing sleep tracking, athletic recovery statistics, and standard health metrics like heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and stress assessments. A notable addition is the introduction of a Readiness score, which assesses sleep quality and physical exertion, offering guidance to users on whether to push their limits or take a more relaxed approach.

While Amazfit hasn’t disclosed the ring’s price or when exactly it will be available, it’s known that a subscription is linked to the new Zepp Aura AI rest and wellness service. In line with the AI trend of 2024, the Zepp Aura AI app features an AI chatbot for health-related queries. However, to access this feature, a subscription to the premium version is required, costing $69.99 per year and including weekly and monthly fitness reports.

As for the Helio Ring’s potential price, considering its main competitors like the Oura Ring or the UltraHuman Ring Air are in the ballpark of $350 (depending on the size, color, or finish), it wouldn’t be surprising if the Helio Ring hits the shelves with a similar price tag. The era of smart rings is indeed taking shape in the wearable tech landscape.

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