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Introducing the Rumored Sky Replacing Azure Pixel 8 Pro Bay Color

Azure Pixel 8 Pro Bay Color

At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked – even mildly – if leaks regarding the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro surfaced today. I mean, this year’s leakage on the upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro (which are just hours away right now) is something else; one could think we already know all there is possibly to know about the duo from Google, but apparently, there’s more.

Not only has the rumor mill not slowed down, the rumors are starting to mutate. The latest word on the street about the Pixel 8 Pro shines a light on one of its color variants – the light blue shade one. The azure Pixel 8 Pro could be officially dubbed Bay instead of the previously reported Sky.

The one to claim that is M. Brandon Lee of @ThisIsTechToday who shows more than ten hands-on photos of the blueish Pixel 8 Pro and calls it Bay. If that one reminds you of something, you’re not wrong at all – Bay was the name Google chose for one of the Pixel Fold Cases. Judging by the hands-on photos from M. Brandon Lee and the aforementioned Pixel Fold case, they’re practically the same hue.

The leakster, who collaborated with a user on Reddit, also has a non-Pro Pixel 8 at his disposal – it’s black and it’s shiny. In comparison, the Pixel 8 Pro’s finish is matte.

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