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Working Conditions Improved in an Indian iPhone Factory, Yet Low Wages Persist

A Foxconn factory in India was temporarily shut down in 2021 due to the disturbing conditions experienced by its workers. These seasonal workers, many of whom come from other countries, were faced with unsanitary living conditions. Some of the reported violations include rats, malfunctioning toilets, and food infested with worms. The Indian government conducted an […]

Get Creative with the Official Release of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series

Samsung has officially introduced the latest additions to the FE series in the Samsung Galaxy lineup — the new FE, S9 FE+, and Galaxy Buds FE. These devices are a great starting point for those looking to dive into the Galaxy flagship experience without breaking the bank. And if you are looking for a new […]

Additions to New Android Fitbit App: Live Wallpaper and Enhanced Widget Design

An update to the Fitbit app for Android, version 4.01, is now being released. This update brings a live wallpaper and a redesigned step count progress widget. The previous widget selection provided by Fitbit was not in line with the Android Material You theme and the matching widgets offered by Google last year. The newly […]

Your iPhone’s battery life might get a boost with the upcoming iOS 17 update

Phonearena.com recently conducted tests on various iPhone models to compare the battery performance of iOS 16 and iOS 17. The results showed that while iOS 16 increased the Geekbench battery score on multiple iPhones, iOS 17 has actually lowered the battery test scores for the same models. Although the iOS 17.0.1 and iOS 17.0.2 updates […]

What Spotify CEO Daniel Ek finds mind-boggling about Apple and Google

Best of foes, Spotify and Apple are at it again: Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek spoke to the Financial Times, taking aim at the Cupertino giant yet again. “I find it insane that two companies [Apple and Google] essentially control how over 4 billion consumers access the internet around the world. Not only are they dictating […]