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iPhone 15 Pro Owner Experiences Phone Swelling Issue Preventing Case Fitting

As first observed by one of our keen X user and tech enthusiast, Zaryab Khan, a Reddit user with the handle Leather_Cheerio_402 posted a photo of their iPhone 15 Pro. Upon inspection, it was evident that the phone appeared to be misaligned, with the display looking out of place.

According to Leather_Cheerio_402, they purchased the phone earlier this week, and as far as they can remember, it seemed fine initially, without any cosmetic defects that have been reported with some other units. However, when they tried putting a case on the device two days ago, they realized that it didn’t fit properly, which led them to discover that the phone was swelling.

Although the phone is still functioning for now, it is advisable not to continue using it, assuming that the issue lies with a swollen battery.

Leather_Cheerio_402 has reported the problem to an Apple Store, but they were directed to take their unit to Verizon, the retailer from whom they purchased the phone.

Considering the recent reports of overheating issues with the iPhone 15 Pro, there could be a potential connection between the two problems. However, it’s important to note that similar problems have been observed in earlier Apple devices, as well as some Google and Samsung phones, without resulting in the units expanding.

Excessive heat can lead to a gas build-up within the battery, causing it to expand, thereby posing a potential fire hazard. A phone that appears to be disassembling itself is a definitive indication of battery swelling.

Although it’s uncommon for these issues to arise so early in the ownership of a device, it is speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro’s overheating problem may be a contributing factor. Initially, it was believed that the A17 Pro chip was responsible for the phone’s heat generation, but it now seems that Apple’s efforts to make the phones lighter might be leading to this problem.

We are hopeful that this is an isolated incident and not a widespread concern. Addressing this issue is crucial, as it not only ensures user safety but also has an impact on the iPhone 15 Pro’s potential as the best phone of 2023.

Source: [PhoneArena](https://twitter.com/xeetechcare/status/1707461573969637746)

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