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Official: Google Messages Redesign Drops the Hamburger Button

Google Messages App Redesigned: Hamburger Button Removed

The Google Messages app has undergone a major redesign, and the infamous hamburger button is nowhere to be found. This change is part of Google’s home screen redesign for Messages, which was first seen by a select few users in June. Now, it is officially being rolled out to all users.

The new user interface has been in beta testing for several months, and it seems that Google is satisfied with the results. The previous home screen greeted users with a search field at the top, but the redesigned version now features four elements from left to right.

The first two elements on the left side are non-clickable: the iconic “G” logo in Google’s four-color palette, and a “Messages” title text. On the right side, there is a magnifying glass icon that replaces the search field. The last element is the profile avatar button, which opens the app’s menu. Within the menu, users can find options such as Archived, Spam & blocked, Mark as all read, and Device pairing. Additionally, users can manage their account and access the app’s general settings from this menu.

Now, let’s focus on the magnifying glass icon for a moment. Tapping on it reveals a new screen with a familiar search field, but with eight filter boxes for a more refined search. These filters include options like “Unread, Known, Unknown, Starred, Images, Videos, Places, and Links”. The Message organization feature, however, has been removed. The tabs at the top for All, Personal, and Business sections are gone, but users can still access the “Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hrs” option in the settings.

It is worth noting that Google Messages has seen a significant increase in installs since the start of the pandemic. In the spring of 2020, the app reached one billion downloads. Although it was not pre-installed on many Android devices, Samsung made it the default messaging app for Galaxy phones in 2022. Just recently, the Google team proudly announced that the app has surpassed five billion installations.

In conclusion, the Google Messages app has received a fresh redesign, bidding farewell to the hamburger button and introducing a more streamlined user interface. Users can now enjoy an improved search experience with various filter options. With its growing popularity, Google Messages continues to be a top choice for messaging on Android devices.

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