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iPhone users are one step closer to the stable version of iOS 17.3 with the new beta release.

Apple today pushed out iOS 17.3 beta 3 to developers, signaling that the public version of the beta is likely to be released in the next few days. The highly anticipated Stolen Device Protection feature is the most important new addition that iPhone users are looking forward to once the final stable version of iOS 17.3 becomes available.

The Stolen Device Protection feature will make life harder for criminals trying to take over an iPhone by requiring more than just a passcode to make certain changes to the phone and delaying some major changes by up to one hour. This will allow iPhone users more time to report that their phone has been lost or stolen. The feature works when the iPhone detects that it is in an unfamiliar location that is not home or work.

For example, one of the things that a thief could do once they have your passcode is to change your Apple ID password. With the Stolen Device Protection feature, certain actions will require the use of Face ID or Touch ID to verify the user’s identity. These actions include viewing or using passwords saved in iCloud Keychain, applying for a new Apple Card, viewing an Apple Card virtual card, turning off Lost Mode, erasing all content and settings, taking certain Apple Cash and Savings actions in Wallet, using payment methods saved in Safari, and using your iPhone to set up a new device.

Certain changes will be delayed by one hour and will then still require Face ID or Touch ID to verify the user’s identity. These changes include changing your Apple ID password, updating select Apple ID account security settings, including adding or removing a trusted device, trusted phone number, Recovery Key, or Recovery Contact, changing your iPhone passcode, adding or removing Face ID or Touch ID, turning off Find My, and turning off Stolen Device Protection.

The Collaborative Apple Music Playlist feature is also expected to be part of the iOS 17.3 update. This feature will allow users to build a playlist with the help of others using a link to add or remove certain songs, re-order the playlist, and share emojis that reflect others’ opinions of a particular tune on the playlist.

We expect to see the public version of iOS 17.3 released at the end of this month.

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