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Is Google’s accidental disclosure suggestive of a unique and unprecedented Pixel smartphone?

Google May Be Releasing a Foldable Phone – Phones Canada Team

Google May Be Releasing a Foldable Phone

With the Pixel 8 duo on the verge of being announced and early rumors pointing to preparations for the Pixel 8a, it’s reasonable to surmise that we know what’s in Google’s roadmap for the foreseeable future. Google could end up surprising us though by revealing a foldable phone that’s not the Pixel Fold 2.

According to a new report, buried within the code of the latest version of the Pixel Buds app is a mention of an unreleased Pixel device codenamed “Comet”. It’s clearly not a part of the Pixel 8 family as it isn’t named after a dog breed, unlike the Pixel 8 (Shiba), Pixel 8 Pro (Husky), and the rumored Pixel 8a (Atika).

It also doesn’t appear to be related to the Pixel 9 duo as the 2024 Pixel flagships will apparently use reptile-related codenames, including “Komodo” and “Caiman.”

This indicates that Comet is not a part of the typical Pixel release cycle. The code snippets indicate that the Comet belongs in the same category of devices as the Pixel Fold and the app even refers to the device as a “fold.”

Since the Pixel Fold is presumably not due for a refresh until May 2024, Comet doesn’t seem to be the Pixel Fold 2.

Even though the Pixel Fold is one of the best foldable phones of 2023, its $1,800 price makes it prohibitively expensive for most people. A flip handset could help Google target more consumers interested in the bendable form factor.

For now, all eyes are on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro which can’t seem to stop leaking and will be announced on October 4.

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