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Latest Pixel 8 Pro leak hints at a matte finish for the Obsidian color

New Leaks Suggest Google Pixel 8 Pro Will Have a Matte Black Finish

There have been recent leaks surrounding the upcoming Google Pixel 8 series, specifically the Pixel 8 Pro. New images have surfaced showcasing the device in a black colorway, which has been previously referred to as “Obsidian.” However, these leaks suggest that the new Pixel 8 Pro may feature a matte black finish instead.

The leaked images seem to originate from a Vietnamese Facebook Leaks page and the provided X link. While it’s uncertain how accurate these leaks are, they align with previous renders of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. It’s worth noting that the front display in the leaked photo appears to have a slightly misaligned bezel, so it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately, we are unable to display the leaked images as part of this article. However, if these leaks are legitimate, Pixel fans would welcome a matte glass back option, particularly in black. The Google Pixel Fold already features this finish, which was well-received. It’s possible that this inspired Google to include the matte finish in future Pixel devices.

It remains unclear whether the same matte finish will be applied to other colorways in the Pixel 8 series. Renders and sneak peek photos from the Google Store suggest that the Sky Blue and Peony Rose colors will have a glossy finish. These colors might be exclusive to the Google Store or serve as wildcard options. As a dedicated Google Pixel fan, I personally prefer the matte finish over the glossy one, as demonstrated by my preference for the matte “Oh So Orange” Pixel 4 over the glossy “Coral” Pixel 7a.

Overall, if these leaks are accurate, Pixel 8 Pro users can look forward to a sleek and stylish matte black finish. Stay tuned for further updates on the Google Pixel 8 series as more information becomes available.

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