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Leaked High-Quality Renders of Samsung’s Affordable Galaxy A15 Showcase its Uniquely Distinctive Design

A Possible Sneak Peek of Samsung’s Galaxy A15 Design

A top-tier smartphone manufacturer such as Samsung knows no rest, so even though the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 are still pretty new, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the global industry leader is working on multiple other devices undoubtedly set to become official soon.

We’re talking first and foremost about the ultra-premium Galaxy S24 lineup, which is however only expected to see daylight in early 2024. Until then, a long overdue new member of the Fan Edition handset family should finally be announced in the next few weeks, followed by a bunch of even humbler Galaxy A-series phones.

If history is any indication, the entry-level Galaxy A15, for instance, could break cover as soon as January to replace the A14 and A14 5G at the low end of Samsung’s Android smartphone spectrum. That’s little more than speculation on our part, mind you, unlike the A15 design, which has just leaked by none other than Steve Hemmerstoffer in collaboration with The Tech Outlook.

Now that’s a unique look!

Have you noticed that Samsung’s phones tend to all look pretty much the same nowadays, whether they offer high-end, mid-range, or even low-end specifications? That obviously doesn’t apply to foldables, and surprise, surprise, it may not apply to this upcoming Galaxy A15 device either.

Of course, the world’s largest handset vendor has no intention to reinvent the wheel (i.e. the traditional rectangular slab) here, and in an important way, the A15 looks decidedly outdated in today’s super-high-quality leaked renders with a notch rather than a “modern” hole punch.

Interestingly, said screen cutout is actually different from the Galaxy A14’s V-shaped notch, resembling the letter “U” this time around, and far more intriguingly, the frame of the impending phone looks like nothing in Samsung’s Android portfolio right now.

While beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, it’s hard to deny that the Galaxy A15 looks… awkward, at least at first glance, with its seemingly chunky flat frame, flat screen, and flat rear panel. There are absolutely no curves in sight here, which is… a choice on Samsung’s part, although it remains to be seen if consumers will be pleased with this somewhat unexpected redesign from both a cosmetic and usability standpoint.

Screen size, overall dimensions, and other specs to expect

Samsung's low-end Galaxy A15 leaks in high-quality renders with a very... distinctive design

You may find this hard to believe, but in spite of its more protruding frame lacking any sort of roundness to it, the Galaxy A15 is tipped to reduce its predecessor’s 9.1mm profile to 8.4mm. That’s clearly not a radical change, but a thinner phone is generally easier to hold and handle than a thicker one, especially when the overall height and width are also reduced.

That’s reportedly the case for the A15, which should be 160.2mm tall and 76.8mm wide with a display measuring around 6.4 inches in diagonal.

That’s down from the 6.6-inch Galaxy A14 and A14 5G, which will probably make fans of compact phones on tight budgets pretty happy. Of course, the screen bezels remain… very easily noticeable, making this device overall taller and wider than the Galaxy S23 Plus, for instance, but at the right price, we’re fairly certain that Samsung will sell millions of units around the world with relative ease.

Unfortunately, everything else about the Galaxy A15 is currently under wraps, leaving us guessing whether the budget-friendly handset will come in both 4G LTE-only and 5G-enabled variants or just the latter, exactly how cheap it might be in key markets like the US, and what kind of internal upgrades it could bring to the table compared to its ultra-low-cost forerunners.

Circling back to that… unusual design for a second, it’s interesting to point out that the Galaxy A25 5G is not expected to look so radically different from its own predecessor. Then again, it’s probably wise to treat both of these leaks with a healthy degree of skepticism and caution for the time being.

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