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Legislators call for investigation into Apple’s potential antitrust violations following Beeper Mini shutdown

Apple recently made the decision to shut down the Beeper Mini app, which allowed Android users to use iMessage and become a “blue bubble” on iOS. This move has sparked controversy and raised concerns about antitrust violations.

With access to iMessage, Android users can communicate with their iPhone-toting contacts without having to rely on the outdated SMS platform. The lack of end-to-end encryption, read receipts, typing indicators, and high-quality media sharing on Android-to-iPhone messages has long been a point of contention.

While Apple has announced plans to support RCS next year, which will enhance cross-platform communication between iOS and Android users, the company’s decision to shut down Beeper Mini has drawn criticism. Lawmakers, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, have accused Apple of anticompetitive practices and are calling for an investigation into potential antitrust violations.

A group of bipartisan lawmakers has sent a letter to the Assistant Attorney General, expressing concern that Apple’s actions may harm competition and discourage innovation in interoperable messaging services. The letter cites Apple’s past admission of leveraging iMessage to lock users into its ecosystem and raises concerns about the company’s recent efforts to stifle competition.

Referencing a report from the Department of Commerce, the lawmakers are urging the Antitrust Division to launch an investigation into whether Apple violated antitrust laws with its decision to disable Beeper Mini.

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