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More U.S. States can now use Google Wallet for Driver’s License and Digital ID

Phones Canada is excited to announce that Google has quietly rolled out support for three additional states in its Digital ID program. Previously, Maryland was the first state to join this program, but now Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia have also become part of it. This means that users in these states can now add their ID cards to the Google Wallet app.

Setting up your digital ID is a simple process. All you need to do is scan the front and back of your physical ID or driver’s license using the app. Additionally, there’s a short video verification process to ensure the authenticity of your ID. Once the setup is complete, your digital ID will be customized with artwork that represents the state that issued it. For example, for Georgia, the digital ID will feature a peach.

This update brings Google Wallet’s digital ID compatibility on par with Apple Wallet, which has been offering mobile driver’s licenses in some states since last year. Samsung has also announced that it will introduce this feature in Samsung Wallet later this year.

It’s worth noting that Google has plans to add more functionality to digital IDs in the future, including the ability to verify online accounts. This is certainly a welcome development for users who are looking for more convenience and accessibility when it comes to their identification documents.

Stay tuned for more updates from Phones Canada as we continue to bring you the latest news and information about the world of mobile technology.

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