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New AI-Powered Assistant Enhances Google’s Product Assistance

From the inception of DeepMind in 2011 to the development of powerful language models like Bard and Gemini, Google has been working towards integrating AI into its products. Just look at the latest Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, packed with innovative generative AI features, particularly in the camera department. Now, the company is taking AI to its support pages, making it easier for users to get help.

As 9to5Google reports, the tech giant quietly introduced an AI-powered assistant on select Google Help pages. This new feature, currently available for Maps, Play Store, Messages, and Account support pages, allows users to easily access help and troubleshooting tips directly from the support pages.

Upon visiting the support page for one of these products, a handy “Need help?” icon pops up in the bottom-right corner. Clicking on this icon prompts the AI support assistant to engage in a conversation with the user.

The assistant initially presents a selection of automatically generated queries related to the specific support page being visited. Users can click on these queries to access detailed solutions and links to relevant blog posts.

But if the pre-made suggestions don’t solve your problem, you can ask specific questions directly. Once you get an answer, you can give it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to show how helpful it was. You can also check the support documents that gave the information for more clarity.

Google acknowledges that the AI support assistant is still under development and may occasionally provide inaccurate results. The company also informs that “human reviewers may process your help guide conversations for quality purposes.”

While Google’s AI support assistant is not exactly breaking new ground, considering many websites and online shops already use AI chatbots for user assistance, having it integrated across all Google products is a move that could make things better for users and more accessible, too.

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