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New Feature Added to HomePod and HomePod mini: Apple TV Integration Expands Capability

Apple is introducing a new feature to enhance the HomePod family’s audio experience. The feature, called “Enhance Dialogue,” was initially introduced in tvOS 17 last month. Its purpose is to improve the clarity of dialogue in TV shows and movies. This exciting development, reported by 9to5mac and discovered by Sigmund Judge, is now available for HomePod (2018) and HomePod mini through the tvOS 17.1 update.

Previously, Enhance Dialogue was exclusive to HomePod (2nd Generation) when paired with an Apple TV 4K. However, with the latest update, this feature is now accessible on older HomePod models as well.

Apple explains that Enhance Dialogue allows users who own both an Apple TV and a HomePod to more clearly hear dialogue over the background effects, actions, and music in a movie or TV show. While it may not rival the quality of a soundbar, this feature offers similar audio benefits for those unable to invest in a pricier option or who prefer to stick with Apple products.

It’s great to see Apple continuously improving its HomePod lineup, ensuring that users have the best possible audio experience.

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