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New Feature: Set Your Instagram Status as a Selfie Video and Reply with More than Text

Instagram’s Notes feature is getting a major upgrade, with the platform adding new multimedia capabilities to enhance user expression beyond just text. The new features include video notes, emoji-infused replies, and a more personalized way to engage with your followers.

Video notes are the highlight of the update, allowing users to capture and share fleeting moments in just two seconds. These short looping updates will only be viewable by mutual followers and those designated as “Close Friends.” Creating a video note is as simple as tapping on your profile picture in the inbox and letting your creativity flow. Each take is limited to two seconds, and after adding a text bubble, users can post their video note, which will disappear after 24 hours.

In addition to video notes, users can now reply with GIFs, photos, videos, audio recordings, and stickers, fostering a more personal and engaging conversation. This update encourages users to express themselves through multimedia, encouraging a departure from generic comments.

Overall, Instagram’s Notes feature is evolving to embrace the power of ephemeral messages and personal expression. This update provides users with more creative ways to engage with their followers and share fleeting moments in a more personal and engaging manner.

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