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Upgrade your Galaxy ecosystem and get great discounts with these trade-in bundle offers from Samsung

Samsung must be feeling particularly generous this holiday season. A few days back, the manufacturer’s store launched a one-day-long offer on its impressive Galaxy Z Fold 5. Now, it’s taking things up a notch with another, possibly even better deal. Starting today through Sunday, the official store allows you to bundle your new Galaxy phone (not just the Z Fold 5) with a pair of Galaxy Buds and enjoy some smashing discounts. Samsung’s Discover Winter Sale lets you save 60-69% on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23 FE, Z Fold 5, or the Z Flip 5 when you bundle them with a pair of Galaxy wireless earbuds. Keep in mind that you need to provide a suitable trade-in to claim the impressive markdowns. Otherwise, you’d have to put up with far less intriguing discounts.

Depending on the phone you pick, you can bundle it with either the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro or the recently released Galaxy Buds FE. And now, here comes the fascinating bit – both models are retailing at only $49.99 during the savings campaign! In other words, you can save $180 on the Pro model or claim 50% in savings on the Galaxy Buds FE. Now, that sounds quite reasonable, to say the least.

Of course, the smartphones themselves come at heavily reduced prices as well. For instance, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available at up to $800 off when you provide a suitable trade-in, while the Galaxy S23 FE arrives at $130 off before a trade-in, and you can claim an extra up to $300 in savings with a suitable trade-in.

As for Samsung’s foldables, they’re boasting equally impressive price cuts during its Discover Winter Sale. Both smartphones are now offered with a free storage upgrade, and you can also claim up to $1,000 off with a trade-in on the Z Fold 5. Trade-in credits for the clamshell foldable go as high as $600.

There’s no denying it – now’s definitely the time to upgrade your tech game and complete your Galaxy ecosystem at a bargain. If you have an older phone that you can trade in, we suggest you go ahead and take advantage of these tempting price cuts.

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