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New features introduced in Google Clock update: Alarm synchronization with Pixel Watch now available

An update for the Google Clock app on Android is now available, indicating that Google is working on the promised alarm sync feature between the Pixel phone’s clock and the Pixel Watch 2. The update also brings some additional quality of life features.

Version 7.6 of the Google Clock app includes new features that were not expected until the December feature drop. After setting up the “Local Weather on clock” feature, users will now have the option to change temperature units in the app settings. This feature takes you to the “Regional preferences” page, where you can specify your preferences for Fahrenheit or Celsius and the first day of the week.

In the “Alarm” tab of the app, a new “Weather forecast” option has been added to each alarm. When toggled on, the alarm will display the weather for the day or the next day once it goes off and is dismissed. This can be helpful for morning and bedtime alarms to help you prepare for the day.

The most interesting addition in this update is the “Alarm sync” option in settings. This feature allows the Google Clock app to sync your phone’s alarms with your Pixel Watch. It is supposed to work on both the Pixel Watch 2 running Wear OS 4 and the original Pixel Watch running Wear OS 3. However, there may be an upcoming update to the Watch app or it may require a server-side push.

Lastly, there is a small cosmetic change in the “Clock” tab. The current home time is now displayed centered instead of justified left, but it doesn’t offer any additional functionality.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Google Clock app and its features!

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