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YouTube to Launch Dozens of New Features Allowing Users to Find Songs by Humming

YouTube Introduces Exciting New Features and Design Enhancements

YouTube is treating its users to a slew of new features and design tweaks. Following last year’s revamp for a better user experience, the platform is now introducing over three dozen new updates, including better audio control on mobile devices, easier control on playback speeds, Search by voice or song, a brand new You tab, and more. First up is “stable volume,” an automatic feature that evens out volume fluctuations for a more consistent experience. No more jarring changes to disrupt your flow.

For those who like to speed through videos, there is “Press to 2x.” Just press and hold anywhere on the player, and voila, your playback speed doubles. Once you get to the part of the video you want, simply let go. A handy trick for those in a hurry, available on the web, tablets, and mobile devices.

YouTube is also introducing larger preview thumbnails, making it easier to navigate while seeking. No need to worry if you change your mind mid-seek; a simple lift from where you started takes you right back to where you left off.

Ever wish your screen would not lock during crucial moments? Now, you can lock your screen on mobile and tablets, preventing those annoying interruptions. A successful experiment we reported about a while back turned into a feature we can all enjoy.

There is more, and probably one that will ease a lot of stress for users who often can not remember a certain song (I know I will take advantage of this new feature). The new Search by voice or song feature uses AI to match the sound to the original recording. So, if you can’t remember a song, just hum it. This feature is coming in the next few weeks for Android users.

For avid YouTube fans, there is also a treat. Animations are coming to add flair to your viewing experience. When creators prompt you to “like” or “subscribe,” watch for visual cues on those buttons in sync with the video. Hit that button and enjoy a subtle explosion of playful sparkles.

Top comments now automatically rotate for you to scan the best commentary from the community. And, for new video uploads, YouTube now incorporates a new animation. It dynamically updates the view and like count in real-time during the initial 24 hours, giving a live display of how many users are engaging with the content.

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