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New Study: Nervous Penguins Named UK’s Top Sleep Animal, 25% of Brits Dread Bedtime, According to Galaxy Watch Research

Our team at Phones Canada just learned about the largest sleep health study ever conducted. Samsung’s “Have we been sleeping well?” report analyzed 716 million nights of sleep behaviors from Samsung Health users worldwide. The study tracked sleep patterns for two years, from 2021 to 2023 and found that the average sleep duration has decreased globally. In the UK, 22% of adults say it’s not uncommon that they accidentally snooze while at work. Additionally, the study established that the UK is the European country with the lowest sleep efficiency.

The study also categorizes various types of sleepers into eight ‘Sleep Animals’, based on sleep patterns. The Nervous Penguin represents the most common sleep persona in the UK. It characterizes those who maintain healthy sleep rhythms yet experience interruptions during sleep, affecting sleep efficiency.

The report offers insight into why Brits struggle with sleep efficiency. Reasons include staying up too late, working too hard, and overindulging in food. Other findings show that 25% of adults dread bedtime and 43% are avoiding caffeine to get a good night’s sleep.

Samsung has partnered with Dr. Julie Smith to provide tips on improving sleep routines. Dr. Smith suggests using the Galaxy Watch 6 to monitor sleeping patterns and offers actionable tips for better rest. She also recommends setting clear goals, targeting one habit at a time, and continuously tracking progress.

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